Snoopeeland Child Development Center
A ministry of Sunset Park Community Church
Phone: 503-397-0566
About Us

SnoopeelandChildDevelopmentCenterwas founded in 1972 as an outreach ministry of Sunset Park Community Church. For over 40 years the center has served the local community, as literally thousands of children have passed through our doors.

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Our Families Say

“Snoopeeland’s reputation for creating loving memories was just one reason I wanted our boys to attend. We feel blessed that so many trained educators warmly open their hearts every day, so we as parents have the peace of mind that with God’s guidance our children experience an optimum living environment.”

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Our Curriculum

Snoopeeland uses “The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood” and “The Scholastic Five Senses Preschool Curriculum” featuring the Five domains of Development.

  1. These are essential elements that need to be equally nurtured and strengthened through age appropriate integrated experiences and interaction.
    1. Social: the ability to work with others and participate in activities
    2. Emotional: The ability to express feelings and demonstrate awareness of others’ feelings.
    3. Physical: The ability to participate in fine and large motor activities.
    4. Language: The ability to express oneself through oral and/or written language.
    5. Cognitive: The ability to count, name and think conceptually.

All of our staff are required to be active in continuous educational study and training in approved child care courses each year.

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