About Us

How it all started...

Snoopeeland was founded in 1972 as an outreach ministry of Sunset Park Community Church. For over 50 years the center has served the local community, as literally thousands of children have passed through our doors.

How it's going...

Snoopeeland continues to serve over a hundred families in the community.  
  • Our aim is to provide a warm, safe place for children where they can grow socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We believe that a child’s self worth develops as they learn to be responsible for their actions and are shown respect and love.
  • Our trained and experienced staff helps your child learn by providing opportunities that encourage creativity and growth. They are here because they love children!
  • Snoopeeland is NOT a baby-sitting service, nor are we a substitute for the family home. Rather, we want to support and come alongside the families we serve to provide a safe, wholesome environment away from home.
  • In order to provide a well-rounded education, Snoopeeland features Bible stories in weekly chapel services as part of the learning experience. No reference is made to specific doctrines.
  • Our purpose and vision is centered around Snoopeeland’s ministry to the community. We are a Christian center, and while our staff is not required to profess a Christian stand, we expect them to follow the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus. Staff is selected with attention to qualifications, training, abilities, as well as moral and ethical standards.

As Snoopeeland is a ministry of Sunset Park Community Church, all the resources of the church are open to center families, including classes, activities, pastoral services, etc.
For more information, contact the church office at 503-397-0535 or ask at the Snoopeeland office.


Director: DeAnn Marble
Office Manager: Deedee Clegg