Outside Play Area

Healthy and safe outdoor play is an important part of each day at Snoopeeland Child Development Center. Our campus features nearly an acre of play areas, which are securely fenced and include swings, slides and play structures. There is an open field for games and sports as well as our sand box, garden and water play areas. A variety of shrubs and plants, along with a huge willow tree, offer a beautiful natural setting. We provide tricycles and scooters for the children, and under development, is a winding bike path.
Toddlers are provided a special, separately-fenced area filled with developmentally-appropriate toys and activities. Research shows that outdoor play aids in brain development, and our teachers build fresh air outdoor time into the daily schedule, following safety protocols for sun and inclement weather exposure.
Read what brain insights has to say about the value of outdoor play on children’s optimal neurological development healthy and safe outdoor play-another element of the Snoopeeland difference HERE.
In 2022 we were donated the playground from the local McCormick park. Thank you to all that made this happen!