What Families Say

“Snoopeeland’s reputation for creating loving memories was just one reason I wanted our boys to attend. We feel blessed that so many trained educators warmly open their hearts every day, so we as parents have the peace of mind that with God’s guidance our children experience an optimum living environment.”

“Snoopeeland is structured but flexible. God’s love for each child as an individual is taught in a gently firm environment, along with age-appropriate academic subjects…”
“We cannot say enough good things about Snoopeeland! Our son attended both preschool years and Kindergarten. While learning the “basics” like shapes, colors, letters, and numbers, he has also learned to appreciate others and treat them with respect, to have patience, work in a group, and to understand simple Bible stories and themes. The one-on-one attention from all the teachers and their sincere desire to see each child succeed makes all the difference…”
“I appreciate the genuine interest taken in our children’s well-being, and deeply believe that the kindness expressed and hugs received are a direct gift from God. Our family thanks you for providing a consistent environment that really has a focus on the children…”
We’d love to have you join our Snoopeeland family—come grow with us!